The Authoritarian Personality and Trump Voters: conservatism's true face is fascism

In his article The Authoritarian Personality and Trump Voters: conservatism's true face is fascism, Ian Douglas Rushlau lists nine personality traits shared by typical Trump voters and people psychologically drawn to the Authorian Personality. An important factor to bear in mind, as articulated by Rushlau:

These are not psychological features that are amenable to patient listening and reasoned discourse— in fact, patient listening and reasoned discourse are precisely the sort of displays that a conservative proto-fascist will respond to with disgust and hostility. Try to understand them, reason with them, and you will be met with either dismissive contempt, or violent hate.

So how does one try to change such people's attitudes? I wish I knew. My grave concern that the downward path this country is on will only continue and worsen as long as prevailing attitudes like these don't change, and I don't see how they will change if reasoned discourse and argument produce no positive results. Is there a way to convince these people that they are destroying themselves and this country? If you have one, please say what it is.

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