Courses taught at Brown University

Interdisciplinary Studies  

         Masters of Music: A Clockwork Counterpoint – The World of Anthony Burgess (MU 0030)                     

         Harmonic Convergence: Music's Intersection with Science, Mathematics, History, and Literature (MUSC 0510)

Music Composition, Conducting

         Score Reading and Conducting (MUSC 1700, formerly MU 0144)

         Individual Independent Study (MUSC 1970, formerly MUSC 0191 Special Topics) in composition, conducting

Music Performance

         Orchestra (MUSC 0610-0611, formerly MU 0063-0064)

         Chamber Music Performance (MUSC 0680-0681, formerly MU 0059-0060)

         Applied Music: String Instrument Division (MUSC 0810-1810, formerly MU 0071-0174)

Music Theory

         Fundamentals of Music (MU 0003)

         Introduction to Music Theory (MU 0040)

         Theory of Tonal Music (MUSC 0550-0560, formerly MU 0055-0056)


         Masters of Music: Stravinsky (MU 0030)

Teaching Award

2015 Harriet W. Sheridan Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning


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