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Since November 8, I've read many insightful articles on the current state of the US, with all kinds of explanations of the results of the election. Are the results genuine or fraudulent? There's reason to believe that the results in certain key states may have been rigged, and trump's repeated warnings that the election could be rigged only makes me believe it that much more. If he was in on the rigging, he'd know that for sure, wouldn't he? It's imperative that the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania be thoroughly investigated. I urge anyone reading this blog to read this article in New York Magazine and do all they can add to the push to make this happen.

But whether hillary truly defeated trump in the electoral college and not just the popular vote, there is no doubt that many millions of Americans voted for trump and support him politically. To try to understand this, I find this post by George Lakoff, Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, to be exceptionally informative.

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