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For the last two years, my old website was frozen in time. I had created it with iWeb, and when Apple stopped supporting this app, I became unable to update or alter what was there after sometime in 2014. Lacking the time to construct a new website, I let it languish. To anyone who looked at the site, it must have seemed like my life had come to a complete standstill. To the contrary, I've rarely been busier than I was these past two years. Any I would have been just as busy this summer, but decided to take a break from teaching by cancelling my summer course at Brown, Harmonic Convergence: Music's Intersections with Science, Mathematics, History, and Literature (MUSC 0510). I need the time to complete Draft #2 of my opera Weedpatch and to compose a new orchestra piece, Brass Knuckles, for the Rhode Island College Symphony Orchestra.

And it was high time to construct a new website. After asking students and friends what they'd recommend, I experimented with Squarespace and Weebly, but didn't find either of these platforms to be fully satisfactory. In Squarespace, the templates felt too rigid for what I wanted to create, and working with Weebly was not as intuitive as I hoped it would be. Wix's templates provide attractive formats from which to build while offering great flexibility in designing the look and structure of the website. Also, Wix offers lots of design features that are particularly useful for musicians, like links to iTunes and Soundcloud. So here is my new website, constructed using Wix.

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